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Your home security is something that cannot be taken lightly; and must be addressed properly for you to remain calm. At Locksmith Redmond we know that the most important thing in the world is to keep our families safe, and the most basic measure we can adopt in order to do this is securing your house from any potential threats. Locksmith Redmond can provide the best security systems for your home. Our locksmiths are experienced in residential services, so they will know if your house is secure or not; they will give you some suggestions about improvements, products or additional methods to enhance your safety and will be glad to provide them and install them at a very low cost. 
redmondlocksmithswa Residential services

Anti Burglar Protection

Crimes against property are on the rise, and we are receiving more and more calls asking for assistance to avoid becoming a victim. Locksmith Redmond has the answer for all your concerns and will give you the best options to discourage any break in attempt. We know that there is not unbeatable lock or security system, but we can make the break in so difficult, that the time and resources it would take to do it would surpass the benefits obtained. If the break-in already took place, we can still be useful to restore your home security and upgrade it to an appropriate level.

Lock Picking and Rekeying

If you need to solve an issue with your home locks, Locksmith Redmond is your service of choice. Our skilled technicians can unlock any door with no collateral damages thanks to our complete set of tools. If you feel that your security is compromised somehow, you can have us rekey the locks, i.e. modify the inner pin configuration so the lock works with a different key, rendering the previous one useless. This way you can start from zero, knowing for sure that nobody have access to your property. Of course, you can be absolutely sure that we will never share or even store any personal or technical info about you or your property.
redmondlocksmithswa Residential  Lock Picking and Rekeying

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Lock Replacement

Despite we at Locksmith Redmond always try to save money, sometimes corrective options for your home locks are not possible due to heavy damage or excessive wear. If this is the case, you will want to completely replace the lock for a new/better one. Fortunately, our inventory is so diverse, that we are sure you will find a good option that adapts to your financial status. We will gladly install the new hardware very quickly so your security is restored as soon as possible.

Advanced Security Systems

Locksmithing has evolved to become a very comprehensive security profession. As time passes, technology and science bring new developments and discoveries that can be used to help our customers to feel even more secure. Locksmith Redmond is always in the chase of these breakthroughs to make sure of having the latest products and the most innovative methods to take your security to a whole new level. In this sense, we can provide you with high tech locks, that function without keys by using passwords or voice detection technology; security cameras with discrete designs, that can be equipped with motion sensors to save energy; alarm systems noise-based or silent, that can be connected with your cellphone or even send info to the nearest police station.
redmondlocksmithswa Repairing Old Lock

redmondlocksmithswa Choose us and be safe Services

Choose us and be safe

Locksmith Redmond is available 24/7 to satisfy any desire you may have regarding your home safety. Our locksmiths are trained, insured and bonded with the state, so you can place your trust in us. Call us today let us know more about you by scheduling a visit, you won’t regret it.