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Emergency Services

redmondlocksmithswa Emergency  Services

Locksmith Redmond Emergency

Emergencies are unexpected events that catch us off guard very often. But even if we can’t predict exactly when or where they are going to happen, it is possible to be prepared and have a plan. Locksmith Redmond is ready to become your ally in these situations, just store our number in your phone and that’s it! Instantly you will be protected against any unforeseen situation that threatens your normal schedule or even your personal safety. We make great emphasis in this “prevention approach” to avoid the struggle of finding a good locksmith when the emergency happens; if you don’t proceed with caution, chances are that you end being scammed or overcharged by unprofessional people.It is important to never try to solve a lock-related emergency by yourself, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tools. Breaking a window or kicking the door is a desperate measure that will make you lose money at the end; Locksmith Redmond will be happy to assist you and solve any issues thanks to our specialized tools and well trained professionals.

We have the best response

When you call us, our phone operator will ask you some information about the emergency and your exact location in order to prepare the tools that we will need. We will ask you to provide your first and last name; we will NEVER ask you for passwords or any confidential information. When we receive your call, we will always identify ourselves as Locksmith Redmond to avoid any misunderstandings; our technicians will show you their credentials in the exact moment they arrive. Our vehicles are also identified with our business name and logo for your peace of mind. We will perform a quick assessment of the situation and after letting you know the price we will ask for your approval to start working.

Our services

Our mobile units are fully stocked to solve any situation in very short time, but we can adapt a little further depending on the nature of your emergency. That being said, in Locksmith Redmond we categorize our emergency services as follows:

Residential Emergency Services

In houses and residential complexes the most common issues are the lockouts and key loss; the technicians at Locksmith Redmond can solve these by just picking the lock or rekeying it and cutting a new key. Our units are equipped with replacements in case the lock needs to be drilled or if it is too old or damaged. We can help to restore your security if a break in happens by rekeying your locks and improving your overall security with better hardware.
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Commercial Emergency Services

In the business world, security is a vital element to achieve success. Due to the higher grade of the locks used in commercial buildings, the emergencies are harder to solve, as they require sometimes advanced tools and machinery to bypass the diverse security mechanisms used. While other locksmiths will choose to drill high sec locks, Locksmith Redmond always exhaust all the other options first. We guarantee that our locksmiths will do everything possible to reestablish your business normality.

Automotive Emergency Services

We consider automotive emergencies in a different level, because it can happen to you far from home, or in the middle of nowhere. A customer locked out from his vehicle is facing a lot of danger, and the situation worsens when children, elders and women are involved. At Locksmith Redmond our priority is to ensure your safety, and we are particularly fast in the late night hours, when danger is even greater. We can perform all emergency services on the spot, from simple lock picking to ignition repair, rekeying or replacement. Just make sure of putting yourself in a safe place while you wait for us.
redmondlocksmithswa Automotive Emergency Services

Store our phone number right know. Our emergency line is open 24/7!