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About US

About us

Want the best security service you can find? Locksmith Redmond is your choice. Our company is at the vanguard of the security business. Our stock holds the best products the market has to offer, and the attention we give to our clients is unparalleled. Our team is guaranteed to bring the best results possible and give to our dear customer the satisfaction of having a safe and secure environment.


Redmond is a survivor, having experienced some dark times throughout history like the 1920’s depression, and the economic difficulties during World War Two, but with a triumphal comeback it has become an industrial city. After the war, it expanded and grew bigger and better, a place for new businesses to rise. That was what our founder, Peter Wright, thought when coming here. He saw an opportunity and took it. It was the beginning of Locksmith Redmond. After some years, we earned the trust of a loyal client base, since our service was the best in the market. As the city grew so did we, new locations, staff members, teams, company deals and more. It was difficult sometimes, but we always worked hard to give the best results. In 2005 Peter went to retirement, and his older son Michael took over the business. We are more willing than ever. Our clients trust us, and we serve them. Some of our biggest clients are Microsoft and AT&T Mobility. Even Nintendo of America, which is also located here, has called us to install some locking systems in their headquarters as a part of their philosophy of supporting local businesses. In 2015, Mayor John Marchione awarded our company for its achievements and success as a small business. We hope you like our website and give us a call. We’re here for you 24/7.