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Locksmith Redmond

When away from home or business, security is one of the main concerns that we have. In our absence, chances are that burglars try to break in and steal your goods, damaging your property in the process. That is the reason why you need to hire Locksmith Redmond services, certified under the international standards; their main vocation is to keep the integral security of your goods and family. They have the best qualified technical staff with vast experience in locking devices in Redmond; they are trained to bring you solutions. We are the leaders in lock business in the city and hundreds of happy customers recommend our services and products.
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Locksmithing was born long time ago due to the primary need people have to feel secure and protect their goods, commodities and homes. Locksmith Redmond understands this instinctive need of being safe, and works hard to satisfy it by providing the best services and products. The continuous and daily use of our locks tends to accelerate their wear and tear, and if you do not apply a suitable care and maintenance, your home or business may be in danger. That’s one of the multiple reasons why you should hire us; we supply spare parts and locksmithing materials fabricated by the most recognized manufacturers in the whole market. Our quality policy is based on the commitment to achieve complete customer satisfaction and collecting and analyzing our customer’s feedback. All the personnel of Locksmith Redmond are dedicated to actively contribute towards the implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Management System in accordance with the international standards. We have a strong desire of developing a mutual benefit relationship with our customers. Do not wait any longer, tomorrow may be too late when it comes to your safety. You can contact us in any moment of the day because we are available 24/7, this is especially useful in emergencies, when you are locked out (or in), lost your keys or just need the locks replaced & changed. Our operators are willing to solve your doubts. We are reliable, we are safe. Locksmithing is not a game for us; we are bonded to your security.

Your Safety Is Our Reward

As pioneers in safety management, Locksmith Redmond have a great interest in providing you with support in the latest technologies of lock devices for doors, gates and windows to ensure the satisfaction of your security needs. Our specialty is the professional repair of broken locks, replacement of locks for houses, business and cars; spare key cutting, installation of security systems and general maintenance and technical support. We are also a full service locksmith shop. Don’t spend your time worrying about criminals, call Locksmith Redmond and regain the peace of mind you deserve.

Our Products And Services

Since not every aspect of our lives have the same security requirements, Locksmith Redmond has categorized their services in four groups: the residential services, dedicated to ensure our home safety; the commercial services, centered in securing your business to maximize their productivity; the automotive services, specialized in repairing and solving any issues your car lock system may have; and the emergency service that is focused in give a fast response in those situations that can harm your schedule or even result in danger. Here you can find a more detailed explanation about our different service modes and what they offer.

Residential Services

Being comfortable at home is priceless and Locksmith Redmond knows it. We are aware of how frustrating may be if your locks at home are unsafe or broken, you just can’t leave your home if it is not secure, and it could be worst: you won’t sleep at night because of the fear. However, that’s not a problem if you contact us. There are many families’ testimonies in our community; they are full of great satisfaction with our household locksmithing services. We are glad to know that you are peaceful while you travel far away from home or during the night while you sleep because you will have a security system with the best quality of the market. Our residential services include Installation, repair, preventive maintenance and replacement of gates, locks, windows and doors. With our lock systems you can go around the world and leave your home alone all the times you want, and it will be one hundred percent safe.
redmondlocksmithswa Commercial Services

Commercial Services

We are also interested in protect your company. We are here to serve you during the whole year no matter what. Locksmith Redmond personnel is able to design and develop master key systems for banks, power plants, manufacturing plants, warehouses and any kind of businesses; also we Install and repair electric strikes and electronic security hardware. We are always innovating and learning about new technologies to keep safe the physical integrity of your goods, assets, machinery and employees. Our locksmiths will provide expert support about how to prevent criminal events in your building. Read More
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Automotive Services

Are your keys locked inside your car? Or did you lose them? We know that those kinds of issue may happen, so you can count on us to solve them. Locksmith Redmond understands how much you need your car. Our technical staff is always available waiting for your call, you don’t have to wait for hours to get some help, we will be there in just minutes to open your car and recover your keys. Locksmith Redmond is your best and fastest option, we will make sure you continue your travel without further problems. Additionally, our automotive services include: Replacement car keys and remotes, installation and repair of alarm systems, GPS, lock systems and more. Don’t waste your time and money hiring other locksmith company services; we are the number one in the city, simply the best in locksmithing. Read More

We are waiting for you

Locksmith Redmond customer service is formed by professional locksmiths, this way your needs will be understood from the start, and our technicians will arrive with a fairly good idea of what happened. We can assess the risk of your property and propose the most convenient security system, always keeping an eye on your budget. Give us a call know and let’s book a meeting!
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